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Commercial Cleaning Company London is a Professional Office Cleaning Company operating in London. At Office Cleaning Company London, we believe a fresh, clean office environment is more inviting to customers and very conducive to getting the best out of your workers. We make sure your Offices are cleaned by qualified services operatives. Whether you run a small or large business in London, we can aid you in maintaining your office and in this way taking your business to another level. Office Cleaning Company London is the top provider of office cleaning services in London. Many London companies hire us knowing fully-well we will meet all of their office cleaning services requirements affordably, professionally and efficiently. Office Cleaning Company London is a reputable provider of commercial office cleaning services. When you hire Office Cleaning Company London, you can be sure that we will provide you with only the best, exceptional cleaning services you can find in London. We will tailor our cleaning services to meet your needs. Since, 2004, Office Cleaning Company London has been providing office cleaning solutions to customers in London and the neighbouring counties. We are committed to using the latest and most effective cleaning systems and best practice within the cleaning industry


Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning can be a delicate activity that requires attention to detail. A slight mishap can lead to loss of important documents, office furniture damage, and computer damage among others. Thus, at Office Cleaning Company London, we emphasise on careful service delivery.   Our office cleaning services include;


Mirror and Glass Cleaning

Glass windows are common in office buildings. Some offices also have glass partitions and glass exteriors. Cleaning these windows and doors is our specialty. The company has well-trained employees who can handle all types of glass cleaning. From the ladder and bucket style of cleaning to the abseiling method of cleaning. We provide our staff with the necessary tools to get the job done perfectly. As our team attends to these type of chores, they take precautions to ensure the safety of your employees, property and that of their own lives.


Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

We take care of hardwood floors, tile floors, floor carpets, the list is endless. As the cleaning staff scrubs these floors, they sanitize them and put up et floor’ and leaning in progress’ signs. It would be sad for us if our staff or your employees slipped and broke their arm or leg due to incompetence. The signs are a must and the cleaning team should wear gloves and non-slippery footwear. Very basic stuff that if ignored cause serious problems  Additionally, we pay attention to enclosed areas in the office such as air ducts which if not cleaned build up dust and dirt eventually putting people at risk. Often, we also do deep cleaning services and fix torn carpets, do a proper carpet fitting and do some floor repairs.


IT Equipment Cleaning

This is one of the reasons why office cleaning is challenging. Without proper know-how, a substantial amount of damage can be done. This costs both the office and our company thousand of cash in replacing and repairing spoilt items. However, we are prepared to clean your desks inclusive of the computers, printers and other office equipment. Using special detergents for these machines, we dust off and clean the surfaces. Our team of experts also disinfects the phones for a healthier environment.


Scheduled cleaning services

Offering flexibility for our services is one of the perks of working with us. Whether you need your office space cleaned daily or weekly, that can be arranged. Our large staff numbers allow for such arrangements. Furthermore, the different demands of our clients have made us adapt to any of your needs. We clean single offices and the entire building as well, depending on the client’s needs.  Our expertise in office cleaning has no limits. From ceilings, office furniture to fittings, seek our services for that pleasant, not forgetting hygienic work environment.


Office Cleaners London

Our highly experienced, trained and dedicated office cleaners are committed to providing our clients the highest level of service unparalleled in the industry. All members of our cleaning team have been fully vetted and trained. Cleaners must partake in an extensive ongoing training in the latest cleaning techniques and safety procedures



Our Office Cleaner Vetting Process
Cleaners apply through our robust application process where questions are asked around Applicant’s previous experience, ability to provide at least 2 written references, past employment and education qualifications. Shortlisted Candidates are then invited to our office for an interview. They must provide proof of ID, proof of address and their National Insurance Number.


Training Process for our Cleaners
Once an Applicants has successfully passed through the selection process, they are enrolled onto our 2-week intensive training in cleaning and support services



Office Cleaners London You Rely On to Meet All Your Cleaning Needs

The market is filled with many cleaning companies. This makes the decision harder to make. All these companies offer quality services, which is key in choosing a cleaning company. One cannot help but wonder, which company will give them value for their money, reliable services, and cost-friendly prices. Bearing in mind that there are companies that oversell their services, one needs to know what to consider.  Clients seeking cleaning services should not rush the decision. The selection process requires carefully studying all the possible cleaning companies at your disposal to make an informed choice. To aid the process, here are some pointers as to what you should consider;


Your Cleaning Needs

Choosing a London cleaning company needs to be guided by your cleaning needs. Not all companies offer all cleaning services. Some have branched out and specialised in domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning or even office cleaning. In addition, there are those companies that solely deal with carpet cleaning, interior cleaning, and other cleaning services.  Jot down your cleaning list to narrow down the list to a reasonable number. Once you do that, it becomes easy to cross off companies from a list of five or so cleaning companies. That said, at Office Cleaning Company London, we are about meeting your cleaning needs by customising our services to your requirements


Track record

It is convincing how companies advertise their services. However, to distinguish genuine companies from rip-offs, dwell on reviews. Customers’ reviews provide the evidence of a company’s track record. The more a cleaning company has satisfied, happy customers the higher chances of quality services. Ask your fellow businesses how they were treated by a certain company, go to review sites and scroll through. Do not make a hasty decision. At Office Cleaning Company London we have over 10 years of track record of delivering excellent cleaning services


Keen eye to detail

The extra attention to finer detail makes a whole lot of difference. There are companies out there that do not go beyond the paid for services. Unlike us, the extra mile keeps our customers coming back for more of our services. Opt for a company that will repair carpets and furniture should they take notice during cleaning. Office Cleaning Company London will have regular meetings with you to make sure we fully understand and consequently meet them.



How can a company offer its services if there is no proper management? A company which is able to mobilize its staff and has an organized work and management structure is more than capable of delivering. This is a guarantee that the cleaning process is supervised and nothing can go wrong. If it does, such a company will definitely solve the problem instantly. Again, at Office Cleaning Company London. Our Management is visible and very involved in the day to day running of the business and not somewhere far away from our Clients



It may not be possible to clean at daytime. Some offices, schools and commercial places have lots of traffic that make it impossible to clean. Counting yourself among these institutions, the best choice will be one with 24-hour services as offered by Office Cleaning Company London. Their flexibility avails their services at any time of the day which is a perfect option. Apart from the Office Cleaning Company Office in Central London, you can also Office Cleaning Company London in Woolwich, Greenwich, Eltham, Bexleyheath, Lewisham, Sidcup and across South East London


‘One Stop Shop’ Cleaning Services

We are a ‘one stop’ cleaning company. We offer services ranging from office cleaning to car showroom cleaning services. To cut on cost, go for a cleaning company with, if not all, most cleaning services. Cleaning companies that juggle between offices cleaning, school cleaning and other types of cleaning can offer full services at a discount rather than the specialized ones.  Entrust us to clean your environment to maintain high sanitary levels. Our management, cleaning experts and supporting staff are all fora clean and healthy environment.


Our Office Services:

  • Office Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Hotel Cleaning
  • Car Showroom Cleaning
  • Shop and Retail Cleaning


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