School Cleaning Service London

School Cleaning Service

Schools are a major breeding ground for diseases brought about by unhygienic conditions. If school cleaning is not treated with the intensity it deserves, it could lead to a pandemic. The services we provide extend to colleges, high schools, nursery schools and private schools.


Our janitorial staff are CRB checked and equipped with adequate knowledge on how to behave around different age groups while on a school cleaning job.  The team consists of people who are friendly in nature and can bring no harm to students.



School Cleaners

Pupils, Students and staff need to feel safe in the company of the cleaning crew.  Our company’s image is at stake, therefore, we pride ourselves on recruiting the best school cleaning staff. Alll of cleaners have passed our rigorous the criminal background check as safeguarding and security in schools have become key issues. Away from the topic of ethics and code of conduct, our team of professionals maintains the cleaning standards regardless of how challenging school cleaning is. The on-site supervisor is in charge of making sure that the school is satisfied with our services.  We maintain regular communication with the school and offer constant quality assurance services to keep the school clean in accordance with the set codes. For exhaustive cleaning services, we send a small team to survey the school environments in order to offer complete cleaning solutions.